International Conference on Family Planning 2009

Family Planning: Research and Best Practices

Why Men Don’t Take Part in Family Planning

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The man’s role in family planning is a popular topic, and many researchers believe that by increasing men’s involvement, contraceptive use will soar.

Macellina Yinyinade Ijadunola, of the Department of Community Health, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife, Nigeria, presented findings from a recent study of male involvement. Among study participants in Ile-Ife, the data showed that 89 percent of men approved their wives use of family planning methods. But the question remained: Why do men themselves not participate in family planning?

Surveying family planning service providers in Ile-Ife, Ijadunola and colleagues found that the top three reasons—in the opinion of the providers—for men not participating were as follows: male participation in family planning goes against cultural norms; family planning is the women’s business; or religion dictates against it.

In conclusion, Ijadunola said, men in the study have the knowledge, but do not participate. “We need male service providers,” she said, “improved social marketing, and male-targeted information in the mass media.

Written by C. Grillo | JHSPH

November 17, 2009 at 7:43 pm

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